Alice Yuan

Developer Relations Engineer at Google

Talk Title

Live Coding Session: How do you Build More Privacy Focused Apps?


Room 2




14:40 > 00 min


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As we have learned in Android DevRel, developers would like more hands-on training with privacy. Our goal for this session is to empower them to try out many of the new privacy features that Android has released in recent years and integrate it into a social app. Goal: Enhance our message in previous IO/ADS sessions (eg. by inviting developers to try improving an app to be more privacy-conscious via a workshop. During the workshop, participants will start with a social app that is not very privacy conscious and sensitive about protecting users' data. Participants will be given a list of ideas to try and documentation to point them in the right direction. We will also be there to mentor them throughout the process, and of course participants are also encouraged to implement other ideas as well!

speakers bio

Alice is a developer relations engineer at Google work with developers on battery & thermals, as well as privacy on the Android platform.
Prior to Google, she’s been building for Android for the past 6 years at various startups including Pinterest and Patreon.
She has a passion for teaching, and volunteers for various non profit organizations teaching youths to code! Talk to her about Android performance, jetpack libraries, teaching, startups, social dancing, photography and comic drawing.