Simona Stojanovic

Android Developer Relations Engineer @Google

Talk Title

Basic Layouts in Compose


Room 2




10:10 > 00 min


on Twitter

Learn how to implement a realistic and complex UI using Compose Layouts. Use out-of-the-box composables and modifiers to transform designs into Compose code. Discover how to implement a screen from MySoothe, a sample relaxation app. Learn to write the code for each of the screen's separate elements, and then combine those into the complete screen.

speakers bio

Simona Stojanovic works at Google as an Android Developer Relations Engineer, as part of the Jetpack Compose team. Before joining Google, Simona worked as an Android Dev in a variety of different industries – retail, transportation, banking, automotive & online dating. Aside from work, she loves to travel, read, organise stuff (😬), play music & video games and spend time with her 4 fluffy pets.